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New Beginnings

The new year brings opportunity for growth for both company and employee to meet and exceed internal and external goals for 2016. What are some important factors to consider making a decision to hire sales personnel in for 2016 growth initiatives?

What Type of 3PL Sales Candidate do you need to successfully obtain growth initiatives in 2016?

The 3PL service industry offers quick solutions with competitive pricing. The potential sales candidates will vary in this market. The non-asset sales brokerage side will provide more of a spot or transactional sales business model with 60% to 70% transactional business. This market can do well with candidates with one to three years experience in service solutions sales. The other 40% to 30% dedicated business is dedicated sales with Regional Sales or Outside Sales candidates. This candidate will have three to five years plus experience with brokerage asset/non-asset sales. We can help you determine which candidate is right for your 2016 growth plan.

Non-Compete and Opportunity to Compete.

The most infamous two words when seeking sales candidates for 3PL services is "Transferable Business". Non-competes, non-solicitations and confidentiality agreements flood the transportation industry. We can help you determine what business is transferable and how long it will take to transfer business. We can also determine how long it will take the candidate to develop new business outside when working with non-compete if applicable. Confidential Career Solutions want success for both company and candidate with realistic expectations.


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